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Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

The procedures to be followed by students to gain admission to the university in both undergraduate and master’s programs are as follows:

  • Students will meet or speak with an academic advisor to select an educational objective and complete initial enrollment.
  • Students have to collect application forms from the Admission Office submitting the nonrefundable application form fee.
  • Completed and signed application form has to be submitted in the Admission Office along with the above mentioned papers as per requirement.
  • Students who will be selected by the admission authority will be given permission for admission.
  • Students must be physically present at the time of admission.
  • Finally, students will submit all necessary documents relevant to the respective degree programs, together with the admission fee to the Accounts Office.
  • After completion of all procedures of admission, a student will be a proud student of Stamford University, but university authority reserves the right to take any decision against the admission of any student if required.

Admission Cancellation:

Admission of any student will be cancelled for the following reason(s):

  • If a student does not continue 2 trimesters consecutively without the prior permission of the university authority; I lf a student does not pay his dues in due time;
  • If a student violates the rules and regulations of the university;
  • If the authority takes any disciplinary action against a student for some specific reasons;

It is to be noted that the admission fee is nonrefundable.


If a student's admission is cancelled due to the above reason(s), he/she will have to get re-admission with the permission of the proper authority provided he/she wish to continue his/her study at the university but it is not a fundamental right. Re-admission procedures are as follows:

  • Students should submit a re-admission application at least one month prior to the beginning of the trimester he/ she plans to enter for the permission of the university authority for re-admission.
  • Before re-admission, he/ she will have to pay his/ her previous full dues.
  • At the time of re-admission he/ she will have to pay TK. 5,000.00 (five thousand) as re-admission fee.
  • Re-admission form will be available at the Admission Office.

Note: University authority reserves me right to cancel the candidature/admission of a student for false statement or without showing any cause.

Campus Change

Campus for a particular student is determined at the time of admission considering student's choice. Change of campus can only be considered if student's residence is changed to new location and her/his guardian appeal for campus change. Tk. 500 (five hundred) is applicable for campus change.

Validity of Studentship

Valid Student: The candidate who have been qualified in admission test or full fill the requirements of direct admission, having a valid ID, provided by the admission office will be considered as a valid student of Stamford University.

A student of Bachelor program can take maximum of 2 years additional time to complete her/his degree. For example, normal duration of Bachelor Program is 4 years and maximum additional time is 2 years, so a student must have to complete the degree within 6 years. In-case of re-admission, validity will be computed from the date of admission. That is, students must have to be re-admitted within a reasonable time that she/ he can complete the degree in a total duration of 6 years.

A student of Master program can take maximum of 2 years additional time to complete her/his degree.

Program Change

A student can change her/his current program by showing reasonable causes, but it is not a fundamental right. Program change procedures are as follows:

    • Student can apply for program change within a reasonable time considering the validity of studentship (mentioned above).
    • Program change can be done only at the beginning of a trimester and student must have to match basic admission requirement of the respective trimester.
    • Student has to collect Program Change form (Form # 113) to get clearance from concerned departments and divisions.

  • To change program student needs clearance from:
    • Accounts Division by paying all previous dues and program change fee.
    • Library clearance.
    • ‘No objection’ clearance from the Chairman of current department and the Chairman of intended department.
    • Consent from Registrar Office.
    • If everything is acceptable, Admission Office will give the student a new Id of the intended program.


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